Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Meet Bailey. . .

This is my son's dog Bailey. Bailey is staying with us until my son can move to a place that he can have him live with him again. In the meantime, we are so enjoying Bailey. He is the nicest and smartest dog. . .just adorable.

Every night my husband takes Bailey and our dog Chloe outside to do their business about 10:30. After which Bailey walks into the bedroom where his crate is and gets in all by himself.  We stay up longer and watch tv.  When we are finished with tv, we go in and tell him good night, close the crate door, we then go put our dog Chloe in her crate and go to bed ourselves.  
Well last night we forgot to close his crate door.  We put Chloe the other dog to bed and went off to brush our teeth and go to bed.  I got in bed first and who walks in buts Baily wagging his stubby tail and looking at us like. . .did you forget something.  Well I am thinking that he is smarter than we are. 

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  1. Either he is truly that smart or he thinks he may have found a warmer and more sociable place to sleep. He looks like a truly wonderful companion.

    Henry Hound can't abide a crate, so he sleeps in his own little bed near ours. If we stay up too late, he simply puts himself to bed. Dogs are such fantastic creatures.


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