Monday, August 22, 2011

Traditional Painting. . .Baby Steps

Here is my first painting done in acrylics on hardboard.  I may go back and work on it a bit more, but at this point I am ready to move on in my adventure So I have started a second painting below.  I am attracted to home furnishing that are rustic or primitive in nature. Here is a link to one of my favorite styles. . .

This painting is called Bird Snack

As I said here is the start of my second painting, which is acrylic on stretched canvas.  I think they are both good paintings, but don't think this is where I am going with my art.  Well you can't judge the second one yet. . .right.  But it's a good start. 

As you can tell there is a certain color palette. . .I like the palette, although it doesn't go with a thing in my home.  I feel like if I am painting it should go with what I have in my home.  That way you can display it until it sells. . .

Next question. . .where am I going with my art? Not sure.  I think I want to go more mixed media.  I love the idea of painting and adding stuff to it.  Even things like tacks. . .Using crackle medium excites me as does getting a little lost in the composition and making it a non traditional composition.  I have already started another painting despite the fact that Coffee Break, painting above isn't even finished. 

It's actually fun. . .but scary to be exploring the new me

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  1. Sherry, they are beautiful! I love that shade of blue and all the variations in between. Those little meringues look soooo tempting. What an amazing job on both paintings. You must do more!


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