Friday, September 9, 2011

Art is a Job

Sadly there is a lot of misconception about artist and their creativity.  I know I am blessed to be able to be an artist for half my adult life, the other half I worked in the banking industry, I am sure most artists feel a double edged sword if they have chosen to try to eek a living out of their art.

Before becoming an artist for a living, it took me many years of practice and going to college before I started on my art career, I used to think that artist were given their talent by God . . .and some are. That alone is probably the reason I didn't become an artist in the first place. I didn't feel I had enough talent to succeed so I didn't give it a go. My talent needed to be developed through classes and many hours of study. I believe that in most cases God has given the artist the desire to learn how to paint and draw. It takes many hours of long hard studying and work. Once I did get through art college I found that the daily structure of having to do it for a living with long days and nights of hard deadlines, somehow hurt that romantic flavor of creating. Not saying I don't enjoy it, I do and I do feel blessed to do it, and I am thankful to God for giving me the drive to succeed. But it is hard. . .it's a lot of hard work. . .and it's just that work. I feel that those who do succeed in having art as a career succeed not only because of their talent but because of long hard hours that other artist may not have put in. Some are given a gift from the get go of being able to create beautiful illustrations, but for most of us it's a long hard journey. One last note. Most artists also find it hard to turn the art machine off, which might be the reason so many of us burn out. It's an addiction to create.


  1. So much of that is true and so much of that is lost on so many. I think of art as a gift we can give to others. Hopefully your fabulous gift will go on giving. Rest is good, praise drives us onward, and the rewards often are the intangible ones that come from deep within.

  2. Oh Ginger that was so beautiful. . .thank you!


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